Friday, May 1, 2009

You Can Support Cassidy with an ad!!

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! We are doing a fundraiser for New Heights Athletics - Gymnastics Program - Cassidy is on a level 3 team now. We are currently offering ads in our home meet programs! It's open to not only businesses but to family wanting to show support!
The prices are business card size $25 - 1/4 page $50 - 1/2 page $75 and a full page is $100! 70% of that cost does directly benefit Cassidy!

If you interested please let me know!

Thanks, Katrina

Here is my whole page ad and my Aunt Midge & Uncle Paul's 1/2 page ads I made them here at home!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gymnastics Banquet

*We did not know this was a dress up kind of banquet, wish someone would have told me! It was about a 50 - 50 split! Next Year she WILL be in a beautiful dress!!*

The New Heights Banquet was Friday night and it was a carry in dinner with lot's of lasagna's, salad and garlic breads. It was a GREAT variety, nice to try other's way of things. Cassidy was chosen by the coaches as most improved on the training team! We are so VERY proud of how well she has done. What a great girl she is!!

Cassidy will move up to be a level 3 for next year, they asked for Brooke to join the training team for next year but I really think she is to young and not ready so maybe the next year!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Train - American Girl - Chicago

I started planning this trip last year in August for Cassidy's 8th Birthday! Brooke will go when she turns 8 if she'd like too!! Anyways.....We decided to drive to South Bend, IN and take the train into Chicago. I asked my mom to go along to share the tradition and experience. We waited for months and finally the big day came.........

After letting Cassidy sleep in and dropping Brooke off to get to school. Mom, Cassidy & I drove to South Bend, IN and missed the train, I had printed a weekend schedule and they don't consider Friday a weekend so a nice lady at the counter wrote some directions on a post it note and we drove to Michigan City by the time we got there they are an hour behind and we had an hour and 45 minute wait - I was thinking is this a sign but Mom being all calm we waited and time flew so we hopped on there! It went really fast and we were glad not to have to drive in the city, once we heard all the HONKING!! Ahhhh, now I know why my Dad hated the horn! LMAO

We had so much fun shopping and eating and exploring the city! It was great! We did so much walking it was unreal but so worth it! We LOVE Chicago!

The American Girl store itself was truly AMAZING!! We loved it!! Cassidy picked a doll that looks like her and she named her Carly as in the show iCarly!

We had a reservation for months to eat lunch at the Cafe inside American Girl and it was the BEST thing ever! The food was AWESOME and the attention to our table was just awesome too! Cassidy was the first girl they came out to sing Happy birthday to and it was so funny to watch her. I was so proud of how grown she has become and such a young lady! I love her so much!!

Cassidy LOVED looking at the clothes and dolls. We got Carly's ear pierced and picked out several outfits and things she NEEDED!!

American Girl was so AWESOME!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kroger Field trip

It was a great time looking top to bottom at Kroger's! They even got to frost a cookie in the bakery! It was FUN!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm such a slacker!! I know!!

Okay so I have been slacking lately!! It just seems like I hardly have time! I mean sure I jump on fast to check e-mail or facebook but that seems to be it but I'm going to get back to it! Hope everyone is doing well! I love reading your comments let's me know someone out there is reading what I write!! Anyone out there??

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kalahari Luau 2009

It's been months in the making and finally the big weekend came! The Kalahari Luau Meet 2009! Woo Hoo!!
Cassidy was competing Friday morning at 7:45 am! So we went up Thursday after school, Shawn wasn't home so my Mom went along to help with the kid's in the waterpark. This very nice man named Jim helped us get everything out of the car and into the room and he was so full of information. We jumped into our suits and down to the waterpark we went. We had so much fun! We did go on lot's of slides then headed back to the room to get settled and roll Cassidy's hair for the morning! Mom ordered a chicken brocoli alfredo pizza, YUM!! We ate and were in bed with lights out by 9:45pm! We were up before six and we got around and went down the the meet. There Shawn, Dad, Norma & her friend and neighbor Rita met us! It was so cool to see Cassidy out there stretching and smiling so much. You could tell she was excited and nervous. She did a great job! All the girl's did great! I'm very proud of how much she has learned! After the awards Shawn, Cassidy, Brooke & I took over a three hour nap! It was NEEDED!!! We hit the waterpark before 4 and finally met up with our friends after 8 and we all rode and laughed until after 10 then we split up and we got pizza and it was so good! What a day so we did go back to the waterpark the next day until 2!! What a weekend!!! Thank You to Grandpa & Grandma, Grandma V. and Rita for your support at the meet! Thanks to Betty, Danny, Kelly, Lauren, Zach & Riley for the Friday night entertainment!! It was all so much fun!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Science is a great thing!! Cassidy had an assignment on Mercury! We learned some very cool things about the closest planet to the sun. Shawn & Cassidy worked very hard as Brooke & I looked on I think they did a GREAT job. Cassidy did get an A+!! Way to go Cassidy!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shawn turned the BIG 3 0

I totally LOVE Shawn and him turning 30 first is a GREAT thing!! Cassidy, Brooke & I wore John Deere to celebrate!! He was only home about five hours so I made supper and our parents and Jordan came down and we ate and the girl's & I made cupcakes! It was a nice night!! I hope I take turning 30 as well as he did!! LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monster Jam 2009

We went to Monster Jam in Detroit! What a trip the roads were horrible! We got a bit of a later start than we had wanted but it turned out to be just the right amount of time! It snowed so much it was just silly to even be out, I don't think any road in our county had been plowed at all by noon! We stoped for a quick McDonald's lunch in Toledo and we were off to MONSTER JAM rahhhhhh!! LOL Once we got into Detroit we seen over six cars and trucks off the roads or spun out most were 4x4! I have to admit I was nervous. We followed our friends and they plowed the way! We got there for a pit pass time then the show, our seats also came with hot dogs and pop! ((Kelly & Shawn figured all this out when buying tickets!)) It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The drive home was even longer because of the roads but we made it back and had a BLAST!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day what can I say it was WONDERFUL!! Shawn had been out on the road and he got home at 5:30 am and thank goodness the girl's slept until almost nine!! It was a great time and the girl's were so EXCITED to open all their gifts and they even "fainted" a few times!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa's Cookies

We usually do this all together but Shawn was stuck out on the road so we tried to hold out and finally on the day before Christmas Eve we made our Santa cookies. They turned out SO cool! The girl's always do an awesome awesome job!! They were super yum-o!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preschool Christmas

Brooke's school party was so much FUN!! I was in charge of the craft and we made snowflake ornaments for the tree with their pictures on it and they turned out super nice and Kelly (my friend) was in charge of games and she is super full of enery and excitement so it was so awesome and another Mom brought cookies to frost and did they ever!! LOL So much fun at five!!